What is really important to us!

Lose dead weight, get lighter, feel better – with our practical products, we support our customers who have little time to actively detoxify their body, soul & mind and make it easier for them to stick to a healthy diet and of course to lose weight. “

Denise van Erven Dorens, Founder Private DetoxBox™

That is really important to us

Quality is at heart of everything we do, and it starts with using only the finest, freshest ingredients — local, organic & sustainably sourced as much as possible. No additives, preservatives or colorings ever. We make all our meals and juices with love and nothing else. As it’s better for you, our communities, and frankly, it just tastes better.

Furthermore, we love a vegetable diet and have therefore chosen a strict strategy which is 100% without gluten and lactose, so that the enjoyment of the each product is in the foreground without being interfered by possible (unconscious) food intolerances.

All our juices are we entirely handcrafted with our hydraulic juicers. Like this, we do guarantee not only a high-quality product but also a cold-pressed juice which not subject to HPP (high-pressure processing) process.

We as Private DetoxBox ™ stand for an environmentally conscious company, a sense of responsibility, which we reflect in all of our processes. That is why we only use rPET bottles and 100% biodegradable packaging. All our FoodBoxes packed with modified atmosphere (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) in real environmental friendly materials to ensure an ecological packing while providing the best freshness. Another major concern to us is that we reduce our “kilometers,” whenever possible. Therefore we work closely with on our courier partners, who supports CO2 reduction, so that we can ship our goods with a good feeling. Based on our quality juice production, we have the opportunity kept our juices up to 72 hours if stored in the refrigerator and our FoodBoxes up to 4 days without any loss of quality and freshness.