That's the way it works!


What’s in my box?
Meals and juices are prepared fresh and delivered to you on the same day. Depending on the length of your program it will be made in one or two deliveries per week, in a temperature controlled box to keep meals at the highest standards of safety and quality. The FoodBox includes daily a breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks. The JuiceBox includes daily 5 juices & 1 nut milk or 4 juices & 1 soup or vegan dinner. You will not need any supplement or additional snacks as all our plans have been established tougher with certified nutritionists.

Daily menu
You will receive 2 to 3 th days’ worth of meals with your FoodBox which are colour-coded to guide you in organizing of your meals. Menus are sent daily via email.

Delivery schedule

  • Geneva: Sunday, Tuesday and Friday between 19:30 and 22:30
  • Rest of Switzerland: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 07:30 and 09:30 by the Swiss Express Service
  • France: Tuesday & Friday before 13:15

Delivery costs

Shipping costs are calculated automatically whenever you shop in our online store. Cost are charged per person as our delivery partners calculated their prices per kilo. We will, whenever possible, try to reduce costs, but can not guarantee this. Please contact our customer service, you should have a group deliveries.


We care about the environment and try to run our business responsibly, from our ingredients, through the cleaning products in our kitchen to our packaging. We do as few deliveries as possible to reduce our ‘food kilometres’. We work closely with our suppliers and try to source locally in the first instance. 

We use innovative sustainable packaging and all our packaging is fully recyclable. Our trays are made from renewable plants while our ‘plastic’ containers are actually made from PLA, which is a plastic-like material made from plants. Our bottles are the most recyclable of bottle options, PETE1 plastic bottles, and we send our welcome guide and daily menus by email to minimise the use of paper materials.

Return of Cooler bags 

We currently do not take back any cooler bags or storofoam boxes. However we are happy to provide you with a return shipping label if you have more than four cooling bags.