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Formulated with cleansing chlorophyll and a blend of 72 ionic trace minerals that are required to catalyze hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body contains magnesium to support optimal digestion and regulate the body’s stress response. Chlorophyll is the powerful, antioxidant-rich compound that gives plants their green color and enables them to convert sunlight into usable energy. In your body, chlorophyll binds to toxins and heavy metals and prevents them from being absorbed. It also floods your body with excess oxygen to improve circulation and encourage rapid cell rejuvenation, boosting your energy and supporting your body’s natural healing abilities. Among the 72 ionic trace minerals in Detox Water is magnesium, which is involved with more than 300 biological processes in the body; it particularly helps to improve digestion, encourage regularity and regulate the body’s stress response. On Earth, the sun is the source of all life—it provides the sunlight and warmth plants need to grow. And, in turn, those plants supply food for all living things. When you eat plant foods, you’re eating as close to the source as possible…the way Mother Nature intended! You could say that p
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GreenTonic in Action
You’re all gung-ho at the beginning of the summer, hitting the gym like it’s your job and dutifully counting calories. After all, you have the big bikini reveal to prepare for! But once the season hits its stride, it’s easy to fall off the wagon and onto a lawn chair —and before you know it, the heaviest thing you’re lifting is an icy cocktail. Fortunately, tearing of that cover-up with confidence doesn’t mean choosing between having fun and staying t. The key to scoring a hot body? Committing to a plan
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Healthy Eating
Picture trying to eat a processed, fast-food burger in your car. Now picture spearing a forkful of salad. Which one takes longer and really makes you slow down? You got it – the salad. Eating clean also means eating with purpose and savoring food. That means a better relationship with everything from radishes and radicchio to red velvet cupcakes (which you’ll no longer crave). You’ll live longer. Picture the fountain of youth made out of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Study after study has shown that consuming t
WHAT TO AVOID during the cleanse As hard as this may be, it’s time to break up with the emotional crutches and artificial energy. Tap into your true energy! Foods and drinks with additives, stimulants and refined ingredients will drag your body down
Lots of people debate whether or not there really are differences between juice made using a press and juice made in a centrifugal juicer. Last year, we had the two types of juice analyzed by a certified food lab. Truthfully, we don’t need lab tests