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Fresh Watermelon, Lemon and lots of love!

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This juice makes you slim, smart & sexy!

80% water and 20% fruit: watermelon is the ultimate Skinny Food! Like to eat fruits, but do not want to bother about the seeds? Then just sip our juice!

On 28 June 2016, we have successfully launched our fresh, cold-pressed WaterMelonWater in a practical to-go version during the fashion show of Guido Maria Kretschmar. It does not only taste awesome, but it also makes you even smarter! Do not think so? But it’s true: Its fructose supports your brain same as would take suck glucose before exams & another occasion…

But that’s not all: Thanks to its carbohydrates watermelon increases your sport’s performance. And for the ones who have a hangover, you should also pour a large glass of WaterMelonWater: The combination of water, minerals, trace elements and fruit sugar supplies the body with everything it needs to regenerate. And finally, it is also natural viagra. Due to is citrulline, which not only supports our cardiovascular system but – and this is the crux of the matter – also expands the blood vessels ?