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Super Green JuiceBox


Includes daily (example without Activated Charcoal):
1 YellowTox Apple, Lemon, Ginger, filtered Water
2 GreenBeauty  Celery, Kale, Cucumber, Swiss Chard, Dandelion, Lemon, Ginger
3 GreenMeal  Cucumber, Carrot, Green Apple, Spinach, Spirulina
4 SimplyGreen  Lemon, Cucumber, Spinach, Orange, Proviotic
5 OceanPower  Cucumber, Kale, Orange, Lime, Blue Majik
6 WhiteTox Cinnamon, Almond, filtered Water

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The is a very strict juice cleanse with a very small amount of fruits which we strongly recommend as a 3-day program for a first impression for all plant lovers who like it really green also in taste. Our 5- days or longer program we recommend only for advanced customers. The cure includes per day five x green, cold-pressed juices and one cold-pressed mylk with a high green average.  The cure is 100% natural, planet-based (Vegan), raw, lactose-, sugar & gluten-free! And as all or products it is not pasteurized or HPP-treated since we believe only in the freshest, local, organic ingredients.

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Activated charcoal

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