1200 calories of protein-rich whole grains, served with an abundance of legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. The carefully thought out food combinations are there to ensure that this vegan diet is rich in proteins and essential fats from food groups other than animal sources. You can choose weekly your preferred breakfast and the number of daily snacks.

The perfect meals to clean your body, jump start your metabolism and lose weight!


Similar to the GreenBox, just with larger portions and lean proteins. This 1400 calorie plan provides a rich source of nutrients, made up of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and lean protein. You can choose on a weekly base your preferred breakfast and the numbers of daily snacks.

We only use the lean cut of chicken and turkey, and we exclusively source all our meat from a free-range farm in Switzerland and Haute-Savoie, France. All of our fish (salmon, prawns, and tuna) is sustainably sourced. The perfect experience while enjoying a balanced kitchen!

Our menu incorporates traditional flavour profiles with a modern healthy twist. Meals are drawn from a 6-week rotating menu designed by our culinary artists to provide gourmet meals. You will be delivered one or two times per week and will receive several days’ worth of meals at a time (see “4stepstoyourbox” details). The menus is online to get an idea how our weekly menu looks. As we only work with the freshest ingredients we can’t share our meals up-front. However, a typical day includes breakfast, lunch (soup or salad), dinner and two snacks (one snack and one juice). All our meals are gluten-& lactose-free, as well as pork free by default.

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