Join the Total Body Reset and feel your absolute best! Commit to 3 weeks on Private DetoxBox’s meal delivery program, and experience improved digestion, brighter skin, increased energy, better moods and a body you love. Weekly themes will ensure you are nourished and inspired in every area of your life, all month long.Three weeks of detoxifying, healing meals delivered to your door, ready to eat.


For exactly three weeks, we will make sure that you do not break the habit! As we will count calories, shop, prepare and motivate you. We will deliver you two times a week with our fresh and ready & to eat homemade meal & juice plan across Switzerland.

How does it work?

We have brought all our evergreens together to create you another nutrimental balanced program to permanently activate your metabolism and to balance out your PH level. It will boost your fat burning, lean your silhouette and shift your weight without a yo-yo effect as seen with all our other programs.

In the end, you will be rewarded not only with several kilos less but also with radiant, purer and fine-pore skin, and lots of new energy!

The 21 days will fly by and be easier than you think, as we have taken off all the burden from you and you simply need to stick to the program. Easier it cannot get!


Master Plan Overview

Week 1, 2 and three will look the same regarding its schedule so that we can also offer the option for a seven days booster plan as well! 21 days of our JuiceBoxes & GreenBox with a daily snack and cold-pressed juice as per schedule below. On top, we add daily a Ginger shot as well as a weekly portion of our detox tea.

Day 1 – Green JuiceBox day

Day 2 to 3 – GreenBox days

Day 4 – Classic JuiceBox & Soup day

Day 5 to 6 – GreenBox days

Day 7 – Classic JuiceBox & Dinner day

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