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GreenBox – Plant Based Diet


Daily overview with two snacks:

1 – Breakfast

2 – 300 ml cold-pressed juice

3 – Lunch

4 – Vegan Snack

5 – Dinner


Important snack note:

  • Program with one cold-pressed juice or snack per day is at 1100 kcal
  • Program without any snacks is at 1000 kcal
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The Plantbased Way of Losing

The perfect food to jump start your metabolism and lose weight! What does the program include:

Benefits: Cleanse, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Maintenance, Healthy Living & Postnatal Eating (w/o nursing)

Menu: Vegan

Calories: 1200

Variety: 4-week menu rotation

Customization: Amount of snacks/juices daily

Packs: 3, 5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days

Deliveries: Max 2 deliveries per week

Program start: Monday and Thursday

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01-day, 03-days, 05-days, 07-days, 14-days, 21-days, 28-days


1 cold-pressed juice, 1 cold-pressed juice & 1 snack, 1 snack, No Snacks