5 Tips to Work Your Face Muscles

Most of the time, when we exercise, we tend to focus on our toning our arms, stomach, and legs. However, we always overlook the fact that our facial muscles can often need exercise. It’s not just about having a defined jawline, but doing these exercises can help prevent neck, headache, and jaw pain.

A human body has over 50 muscles in the face, and people rarely used these muscles. Regular facial exercises improve blood flow to the face’s various areas, replenishing oxygen levels in the muscles and skin. It will give you a perfect healthy glow and a vibrant complexion.

Furthermore, doing some face toning will give you benefits that you can enjoy in your lifetime. Here are some tips that you can use to work your facial muscles.

Facial Exercise: What is it?

Facial exercise is the same as other exercises aimed to keep your face muscles healthy and active. To trigger and develop muscles, make repetitive movements and exaggerated expressions.

It is a treatment or physical therapy technique that improves facial contours by increasing muscle tone and length, preventing muscle weakness due to aging or facial paralysis, and promoting muscular hypertrophy.

Furthermore, the theory behind exercising is that by improving the muscles, the fat pads will be more likely to remain in place, giving the face a fuller, more youthful look.

Facial Exercises for your Face Muscles

Fish Face

This exercise is not new to some people, and you might unintentionally do this when you were a child. Despite its amusing name, the fish face is one of the most effective facial toning exercises for slimming the cheeks. To make a fish face, pucker your lips and draw in your cheeks as if you were a fish.

To perform this, you have to suck your cheeks and lips together, as we did as children, to make a fish face, then smile and maintain the pose for 5 seconds to feel the burn in your jaw and cheeks. For best performance, relax and repeat it 15 to 20 times at a stretch.

Chin Raise

It is one of the best and practical exercises that you should try if you’re looking for a workout that focuses on your chin. 

When you do this, you can feel a good stretch in your chin muscles, which will help you lose your double chin. Most facial muscles, including the jaw, throat, and spine, are worked and stretched due to this exercise. However, when doing this exercise, make sure you don’t use any other facial muscles besides your lips.

Begin by tilting your head upwards while keeping your eyes focused on the ceiling. Make your lips close, as if you’re trying to kiss the roof, and hold it for 5 seconds before relaxing. At a stretch, repeat it 10 to 20 times.

Forehead Exercise

One approach to tone your forehead muscles is to lift them as much as possible when frowning. When you raise your brows, try to open your eyes as wide as possible. It will seem overwhelming at first, but repeating it four or five times will help you understand it. 

Furthermore, when you’ve perfected the pose, please keep it for five seconds before repeating. It strains the muscles in the forehead. It would be best if you keep doing this for three minutes. Not only that this exercise makes your forehead firm, but it will also help stimulate the blood flow in your face.

Platysma Exercises

If you want to work in that area of your body, you might want to consider trying this exercise. It helps tone the muscles from the chin and cheeks area, and this is perfect if you’re going to tone those chubby cheeks too. 

Also, platysma exercise makes your neck area feels firm. Move your jaw up and down while holding your lips pressed against the teeth by slightly opening your mouth and drawing your lips back close, and turning them downward. 

Keep in mind that the jaw muscles should be active, and the tendons in the neck should be tense. Relax by moving the jaw up and down 20 times at a stretch, and repeat this exercise for better results.

Puffer Face

The laugh lines on each side of the nose are among the most prominent wrinkles on the face. The pufferfish face is a joint exercise for toning and reducing the laugh lines in that region of the face. To mimic a pufferfish, fill your mouth with air. Then, inside your mouth, move this air from side to side. You can also move the air in your mouth up and down.

This exercise might be simple, but it’s an effective posture to enhance facial circulation and reduce smile and frown lines. It will help improve circulation and will lift cheeks.

Benefits of Facial Exercise

Helps with Boosting your Self-Esteem

Being confident with yourself helps you live a life away from self-doubt and negative thoughts. When we look good, we will feel more confident and feel better about ourselves. Not just because our physical aspects are good, but also because everything inside our body is healthy. 

Acts as Anti-Aging

Nothing beats the natural ways as a solution to a problem. The more we smile, squint, or tense our noses, the more wrinkles we grow over time. While aging is an inevitable part of life, exercise may help slow down the process. 

Furthermore, specific poses will help us recognize when we’re furrowing our brows or pursing our lips unconsciously. You’d be shocked how much habitual facial expressions lead to deeper wrinkles and stress.

Affordable Treatment

Unlike those costly cosmetic procedures, this facial exercise is completely free. It just takes a few minutes at different times during the day. When measured against the time spent undertaking costly procedures, it almost seems silly not to give this a shot.

Relieves Tension

It’s crazy how much tension we bear in our neck and ears. Facial exercise increases the knowledge of specific muscles and teaches you various ways to relieve any stress. Also, it aids the recovery of some women suffering from chronic neck pain too.


Taking care of our body is a priority. It is a necessity that one should never neglect. If you don’t, then you should be prepared for something that might endanger your health. Since your face is one of the first things people remember about you, doing these exercises will help you tone up your face and keep it looking youthful for years.

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