Best Meals To Eat When The Weather Is Getting Colder

Cold weather is coming, and you’re going to want your stomach to be full of hearty fare that will help you stay warm and make it through the winter. When the weather outside is overcast, gloomy, or snowy, nothing beats thawing out with a warm, comforting supper. 

When you need a pick-me-up, the appropriate dish (ideally one that’s hearty and served hot) can make all the difference, especially if you’re locked inside. The following are the best meals to do for cold weather.


It is a Korean soup with a whole simmered chicken in a pot of broth with garlic, ginger, ginseng, jujubes, rice cakes, chestnuts, pine nuts, and variations of kimchi. It’s a hearty soup to warm up your insides which are getting cold outside, and it is also perfect for eating during dinner. 

Hot And Sour Soup

As it’s known in China, hot and sour soup (or hot pot, as it’s known in China) isn’t just for heat lovers. It contains the same ingredients that make up the brisket-based Korean staple known as kalbi tang but with tiny bites of tender meat. The difficulty lies in finding a good broth recipe. While many modern recipes have entered the market, many poor versions of this soup leave the taste buds unfulfilled.

Chana Masala

Chana masala is one of the best meals you can serve during cold weather for those who don’t know. It is known as a hearty, flavorful, and “chicken in yellow sauce.” Why? For starters, it is made of chickpeas and is packed with proteins and essential amino acids. Secondly, it makes for a great leftover meal to save for the next day.

Korean Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a healthy dish that consists of meat, vegetables, and an egg, and all served on a bed of rice. Traditionally, bibimbap is served in a hot stone bowl called “dolsot.” The sizzling noise coming from the bowl when it’s assembled and still cooking is what gives this dish its name. Bibim means “mixed” while bap means “rice.”

Whole Grain Pasta

Complex carbs (like whole-grain pasta or sweet potatoes) include more fiber, which takes more energy to break down, so your body can keep you extra warm. Not to mention that as the nights get cooler, you’ll be more likely to crave comfort foods like pasta and stews. So if you’re letting the craving get the best of you, keep these best meals for colder weather in mind!

Slow-Cooker Beef And Broccoli

Try eating more iron-rich meals if you’re always complaining about your cold hands and feet. The mineral is more common in beef and chicken, and it has a warming effect. A warming effect is the feeling you get when something gives warmth to your body, like a tea or a hot beverage. You’ll love all of the flavors this meal provides, as well as the extra iron it provides throughout your day.

Curried Carrot-Lentil Soup

Although this filling soup appears to be simple, it is pretty challenging to make. Curried Carrot-Lentil Soup calls for a long list of spices and components but is well worth it when you enjoy the meal. It’s made even better with immune-boosting lime and sinus-clearing cayenne, making it the ideal sick-day snack.

Baked Beans With Turkey Sausage

Rich in protein and carbohydrates, baked beans are great for maintaining energy throughout the day. Plus, they’re a perfect warm-up meal (or pre-dinner snack) when it’s chilly outside. A meal with turkey sausage instead of other meats is a terrific way to cut calories, fat, and cholesterol.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad    

Cold evenings scream for a perfectly cooked steak, but the steak doesn’t have to be made of meat. Cauliflower turns out to be a fantastic dupe and put on top of a fresh salad, and it’ll be the surprise winter staple you’ll come to love.

Roasted Pumpkin And Pomegranate Salad 

You might think a salad is too light for dark, winter nights, but the addition of roasted pumpkin gives it heft. In addition, it’s healthier and more delicious with the antioxidant-rich pomegranate on top.

Pack Soup With Chillies

Chili may not appear to be the healthiest of foods, but it’s simple to alter to fit a healthy diet while still providing comfort. They’re tasty, comforting, and filling on their own, but they’re also great over rice or whole-grain pasta. While some cream-based soups can be high in fat and calories, many healthful soup recipes are simple to prepare. Soup is quite filling due to its large volume, and you can cram a lot of vegetables into a single dish. 


You know to get the fish wrapped in brown rice for the whole grains at this stage. But don’t forget to get a side of raw ginger. Most spices’ heat might make you more relaxed because they make you sweat, but ginger is known to raise your body temperature. Pressed rice, veggies, and fish are rolled in seaweed to make maki rolls. Doesn’t it seem simple and delicious? When the cold weather sets in, they’re incredibly delectable.

Spinach-Tomato Frittata

Putting a warm supper on the table doesn’t have to take hours; this veggie-filled frittata takes only 15 minutes to prepare. We love it as a hearty dinner, but it’s also great for chilly weekend mornings. Frittatas make excellent leftovers for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks throughout the week. Frittata may be preserved for 3-4 days if properly stored.

Chicken Marbella

Although the name may not be familiar to newer generations, it was a popular cookbook at the time, and Chicken Marbella was one of its most popular dishes. This easy one-pan supper has skin-on chicken marinated in vinegar brine with olives, capers, and prunes, then roasted in the same dish.


No matter the time of year, you need to start thinking about eating healthy — not only for your body but for your mind, too. Eating healthy can make a difference in how you feel and sleep better at night. But since it’s the fall and colder weather is approaching, it’s best to start thinking about what foods are going to keep you warm and cozy on those chilly nights. 

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